Permanent Hair Removal | Laser Hair Removal Treatment - Thedermacare

Our derma & cosmetic specialists provide FDA-approved laser hair removal treatments that help remove unwanted hairs from the body, including the face, leg, chin, arm, underarms, and more.

This procedure is the most common cosmetic procedure; laser light helps to destroy. We will give numbing medicine 30 minutes before the laser treatment, and we can treat apt skin color, hair thickness, and the area of the hair. This treatment takes 2-6 weeks, but it depends on hair thickness.

Our dermatologist/cosmetologist said that we use an ice pack if you are feeling discomfort.

Advantages of laser hair reduction treatments

  • Permanent hair removal from the root
  • Safe & quick treatment
  • No ingrowth hair
  • Painless

If you aren’t satisfied with waxing, shaving, plucking, hair bleaching to remove hair, permanent laser hair removal treatment is the best choice for everyone. To get safe hair removal treatments, consult our Derma & Cosmetic specialists.